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Mental Health Tips

Check out an article from Canadian Living featuring my tips on how to best manage your mental health.

"I first saw Sheryl for counseling in 2001 for anxiety and depression. What I liked about her was her openness and also her direct approach toward helping me cope with my issues. Her goal, as she said, was to get me out of therapy as soon as possible. The way she did that was by providing me with the tools I needed to take charge of my thoughts and my feelings through cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT)—and a lot of homework (the most important part!)—so I could feel more in control of the other aspects of my life. Although I did go back from time to time for booster sessions and even more sustained counselling periods during more challenging times, her guidance helped me enormously and I am grateful for all her help and support in getting me to where I am today: confident in my abilities to balance and cope with all the ups and downs of life, love, family and career. Thank you!"

Client Testimonials

Please note that clients' identities have been omitted in order to protect confidentiality.

"It’s hard to explain exactly how much Sheryl has helped me. I have suffered from OCD since I was 14 years old and was seen by 7 therapists throughout the years before I started sessions with Sheryl 4 years ago at the age of 25. Each therapist has helped me in different ways but Sheryl has been the one to help me learn how to be stronger than the OCD. She has taught me to take control of my situation and how to move forward in my life. It has been hard work to get where I am today but I am so happy to say that I am in the best mental health I have ever been in since I was diagnosed with OCD. A huge part of why I am at my best is Sheryl. Without her I might still be feeling hopeless, lost, constantly anxious and miserable."

"Sheryl Blum helped me a lot for a few problems I had: a phobia of needles, anxiety and family problems. Because of her, I went for my first allergy test (which requires needles)! Also, she helped me understand one major element so useful in every relationship: you are entitled to your own reaction. That is something I now live by, as I used to feel ashamed of being sad, happy or angry in certain situations. I highly recommend Sheryl, she is passionate, caring, and will never judge you for anything. Plus, her tea and hot chocolate selection is amazing!" 

"I was under Sheryl's care on and off for about five years. She initially began treating me for a phobia and eventually after a short break we resumed our sessions for anxiety-related concerns. She is very compassionate and down-to-earth. She always knew what was best for me, even in my worst of times. I would not have made it to this point in my life without her on-going guidance. I never thought of Sheryl as my psychologist, but rather, as a good friend that always offers great advice."

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